Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock N Roll

So I’ve now been in Tangiteroria with the folks, living in a campervan for just under ¬†week. All things considered I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m pretty easy to please if there’s decent internet access and somewhere to sleep, after all. I would class myself as a relatively low maintenance person. There isn’t a … Read more

Women Eating Cake In Stock Photography

As I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog, my job involves using stock photography. Usually going through stock photos is actually kind of amusing – there’s some pretty funny stuff out there. But sometimes it’s just really, really frustrating. This week was one of these times. I was looking for images for a place selling pastries … Read more

Earworm of the Week #3: Inappropriate Songs To Sing Out Loud

BEWARE: Some of the songs in today’s instalment of “Earworm of the Week” are a bit NSFW. You have been warned. After seeing a fabulous production of Heathers: The Musical last week, of COURSE I’ve had “Blue” stuck in my head. Warning – it’s incredibly inappropriate to sing out loud, which is in my opinion … Read more

Why Is Everyone Writing Songs About Wolves?

So today I was listening to Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” because I quite like it and somehow I’m in charge of the music in the office. (The woman with the speakers has the power!) Anyway, after that, I switched to Josh Ritter’s “The Animal Years” and I was hit by a SUDDEN REALISATION: … Read more